Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hello World from Blogger to Anywhere!

Hi everyone! my name is @gonzalobenitez, i am 21 years old, i have recently finished my studies as Técnico Superior en Comunicación Multimedial and I am currently studying the Licenciatura en Tecnología Multimedial at Universidad Maimonides.

Over recent years I accumulated some knowledge that I would like to share. In the same way, every day I learn new things, which is why I intend to use this space as a log of knowledge, where i am not only supose to be able to share things, but also discuss about them with you.

My main motivation is to learn more about Business, Design and Technology that i consider the three keys of a Web-Based Product. I hope you'll share in my enthusiasm, there will be more to explore about and we will learn a lot as the discussion grows. So please do not be shy and follow me into this conversation!

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