Sunday, April 18, 2010

Building a Simple Web Application from scratch using Zend Framework, Dojo Toolkit and Adobe Flex

When I first started, it was not easy to find the appropriate resources where you can learn about building Web Applications. I got so nervous every time I read about servers, clients, data, code, etc. There were so many languages to choose, many tools to use that at times, the whole thing made me felt very frustrated. But soon i realized this was not as difficult as it seems. The truth is that you do not need to be a hacker to create a Web Application, you just have to find the right resources for you and do not give up.

Looking for a way to contribute my grain of sand to the development of the web, i have been thinking about starting a series of articles which will explain how to create a simple Web Application from scratch, implementing PHP, SQL, XML, XHTML, CSS, JS, MXML and AS3.

I will make you walk through the basic steps of the Web Application´s life cycle under develpment, test, and production enviroments using Zend Framework, Dojo Toolkit and Adobe Flex.

But first of all, we are going to need a distributed version control system to keep the code up-to-date and always available. I have created a Github repository so you can track the latest releases there.

Also, while i write the first post, you can check my Delicious profile where you will find some bookmarks about the frameworks, tools and resources that we are going to use in the following series.

This is getting better so stay tuned!

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